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Installation and Aftercare

Joseph & Kingsley are proud to craft products from the finest-quality, sustainable solid wood; but in order to fully enjoy this stunning natural material there are certain simple steps that must be followed.

When you purchase from Joseph & Kingsley you will receive full guides relating to installation and maintenance. Below we have included some general points for consideration:

Caring for a solid wood worktop:

Wood is a natural, precious material and as such treating the surfaces with oil is essential to protect its natural integrity.

Treating the worktops with oil will cause a protective layer to form on the surface of the wood. However throughout the first few weeks of usage it is vital to prevent worktops becoming stained; pools of liquid must also be wiped off instantly with a clean dry cloth. In time a sufficient oil protection will be built up - the surface will gain an attractive sheen and water will no longer pool on the surface but instead will form small droplets almost immediately - and this will no longer be an issue.

Oil new worktops frequently to build up the protective layer; after this, you need only treat with oil every three months.

Never place hot, rough or wet objects immediately onto the worksurface.

Cleaning a solid wood worktop:

Solid wood is easy to clean: simply apply sparing amounts of warm soapy water and wipe dry afterwards with a clean cloth. Do not use cleaning products which contain chemicals.