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Frequently Asked Questions

Before You Order

Why should I choose Joseph & Kingsley?
Here at Joseph & Kingsley, we strive for perfection in every area. This determination is evident in the uncompromising quality of our wonderfully crafted worktops, the detailed knowledge possessed by our staff, and the professional, personable attitude of our customer service. Unlike many of our competitors, we handle and stock the worktops ourselves; this allows us to not only respond to your order requests quickly and efficiently, but also equips us with a thorough understanding of and genuine enthusiasm for our product, better placing us to answer any questions you might have.

Our combination of outstanding quality and comprehensive, stress-free service is unbeatable.

What about FSC certification?
All worktops are certified fully by the FSC.

Can I purchase samples prior to ordering?
We would be delighted if you would browse our samples when making your decision. The magnificent craftsmanship of our worktops and exceptional quality of the wood is such that we are certain you will not be disappointed. Indeed, if you then proceed with an order, we will refund the price of any samples purchased.

When can I expect to receive my order?
Within days. As we hold the entire range in stock at our various depots nationwide, orders can be despatched very quickly. Indeed, if orders are placed before 12pm, we can often deliver the following day. Do call us if you require an urgent delivery and we will do our best to arrange this.

Making Your Choice

How do I choose the right worktop size for me?
Please have your desired measurements to hand when ordering.

When choosing from the standard worktop range, we advise selecting sizes which exceed your own measurements, so that these can be cut to size on site (and which allow for any alterations you might wish to make).

In the case of fabricated worktops, please be assured that we will utilise your measurements to calculate the best option in terms of price and size.

How detailed a plan should I provide when utilising the bespoke service?
Please allow us to reassure you that there is no pressure on our clients to produce a detailed plan: a simple sketch is sufficient.

If however you would like to compose something more detailed in Microsoft Word or a similar program this would be beneficial, but it is not mandatory: a member of our staff will be in touch to discuss your requirements more thoroughly and check all measurements prior to manufacturing.

Clarifying types: Standard and Prime
Both Standard and Prime worktops are equally beautiful, with unique qualities to be considered when deciding which is most suitable for your space. Prime Beech/Oak worktops feature a more subtle grain, lending elegance and sophistication to the wood; the overall look is uniform, smooth, and finished. Standard Beech/Oak worktops are timeless, rustic and vibrant, with a greater deal of natural features and a prominent grain. Some degree of colour variation between each stave is to be expected; this adds to the unique character of each cut.

Should the type of timber influence my choice of worktop?
Broadly speaking, no: our entire range has been carefully constructed so that all the timber utilised is suitable for kitchen worktop purposes. The colour and style of each particular worktop will be the most important factors in your decision. Still, it can be helpful to have some more information about the timbers at hand.

Iroko timbers are known for naturally high oil content, and as such these work particularly well with Belfast sinks; Wenge timbers, by contrast, are dense and therefore extremely durable. In the interests of flexibility and accessibility, we have chosen to compose all of our worktops from hardwood. All are therefore equally versatile.

I want to order multiple worktops, but I am concerned these might not match.
Joseph & Kingsley offer a unique service in that we package our worktops to order, rather than relying on pre-packaged worktops like many other worktop manufacturers.

In multiple orders, we are therefore able to check each worktop to ensure consistency of colour and grain formation.

Worktop Installation and Care

Will I need to oil the worktops prior to installation?
Yes. We advise applying three coats of oil to both the top and bottom sides of each worktop, and six coats to endgrains.

After installation, some care will be needed to maintain the beauty and durability of your worktop. For the first few months, we advise oiling timber worktops once every six weeks; after this, a thick coat every 3/6 months will suffice (depending on the level of usage).

For worktop care, we recommend Rustins Danish Oil (which we also supply).

Is it difficult to keep wood worktops clean?
Not at all! Simply soak a cloth in warm (not hot) soapy water and wipe the surfaces down, wiping off any excess water after a few minutes.

What is the best method of storage for my worktops prior to installation?
Please store worktops flat and on bearers, in a dry, damp free environment.

Are special brackets required for worktop installation?
Yes; but worry not, Joseph & Kingsley provide a full installation guide with all worktops.

In our worktop installation kit we supply exactly what you need, including slotted brackets and stretcher plates. The recommended brackets crucially allow for any gradual expansion/contraction of the timber as surrounding temperatures vary (particularly in case of humidity), while securing the worktops to cabinets accordingly.

How to join your worktops
A standard butt-join is utilised to join worktops at 90 degrees; the worktops are further secured together by connector bolts attached on the undersides. We recommend applying sealant between the worktops and to the top surface during installation. Finally, once the sealant has dried, sand the top surface and you will be left with a seamless, elegant join.

What are the benefits of an upstand?
We highly recommend upstands for elegance of appearance and pragmatic purposes. These can be invaluable when handling a trickier installation - facilitating the fitting of a worktop to an out-of-square wall without undue cutting of the actual wood, for example. Upstands also provide valuable protection from the development of moisture/ingress behind worktops.

Worktops blend seamlessly into the kitchen with the addition of upstands. The small expansion gap is concealed, creating a polished, fluid visual effect.