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Environmental Policy

Joseph & Kingsley: natural quality

Environmental preservation is a cornerstone of the Joseph & Kingsley operation. Above all else it is the bounty of the earth to which we owe thanks for our fine-quality natural products - and as such we feel bound to protect it.

This is a duty we take very seriously. Joseph & Kingsley only log timber from sustainable areas - working in conjunction with legal, environmentally-conscious plants with established replanting programmes - and have implemented strict environmental procedures over the years that are carefully monitored.

The very construction of Joseph & Kingsley worktops - finger-jointing solid timber panels - means that wastage is kept to an absolute minimum. Any offcuts are made full use of: creating samples, chopping boards, or fuelling our heating system (which uses biomass technology). The rest of our business waste is recycled and our self-enclosed factory extraction system ensures that all emissions are regenerated.