Solid Wood Worktops: Perfect for Modern and Traditional Kitchen Designs

Worktops are an integral proponent of any kitchen design: and with a huge array of materials to choose from – from stylish silestone to gorgeous granite to terrific timber – settling on one can be difficult.

Whilst we work with many different countertops throughout our bespoke kitchens, be these modern or traditional kitchen designs, we have a special place in our hearts for solid wood worktops. With such a wonderful choice of sustainably-sourced timber available, it is possible to purchase a luxurious, unique, and innately beautiful worktop for a surprisingly affordable price – and these are also versatile and easy to install and maintain. A winning combination, we feel!

Below are details of a small selection of worktops that are ideal for spring kitchens:

Super Stave Prime Oak Worktops: one of our most popular timbers, showcased to stunning effect. These worktops are constructed from planks of timber that run the entire length of the top, highlighting the even tones, distinctive grain pattern and warm colouring of oak. Pair with off-white cabinetry or cool pastel colours for a contemporary farmhouse look.

Prime Iroko Worktops: an exotic, rich timber that brings flair to any space. Iroko is naturally hygienic, due to its high oil content, and is blessed with a golden surface colour that matures to rich toffee over time. We adore this worktop when incorporated into a scheme that utilises bright bursts of colour – red or citrus shades, for example – for a truly modern look; it does, however, work equally well in a more classic, neutral design.

Super Stave American Walnut Worktops: an example of exquisite opulence, these black walnut worktops marry the luxury of a gorgeously decadent timber with the ‘super stave’ construction (utilising wide planks of timber that run the full length of the worktop for a seamless look). Perfect in any setting, the deep chocolate tones of this wood can be used to accentuate cream, off-white or cappuccino shades; or, for a bolder, contemporary look, can be set against stark blues, greens or gunmetal greys.

If you would like to see some examples of our worktops ‘in action’, do take a look at our Kitchen Case Studies section. Alternatively, you could request one of our superb brochures or even pop into our Cheltenham showroom and see our glorious timbers for yourself! We welcome visitors between 9am-5pm on weekdays and Saturdays.

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