Luxury Kitchens Confirmed at Cheltenham Food Festival!

If you fancy yourself a keen cook, a fan of fantastic produce or just a bit of a food fanatic, then – of all the festivals that Cheltenham has to offer – the Food and Drink Festival might be just the ticket.

Held each June in the beautiful Montpellier Gardens, the festival attracts visitors and food producers from all over the country, all keen to either exhibit or partake in the best that the British culinary scene has to offer. The festival also attracts a number of world-class chefs, some of whom take to the stage within the dedicated ‘Chef’s Kitchen’. Local and celebrity chefs mingle here, sharing tips and giving exciting demonstrations of creative cooking.

This festival is truly unmissable; it’s no surprise, then, that we are delighted to announce our involvement this year. Indeed, in June 2015 Joseph & Kingsley will be sponsoring the ‘Chef’s Kitchen’, and the chefs in question will be cooking from our very own custom-designed ‘kitchen theatre’ set!

More details will be available nearer the time; but, if you’re keen to witness some lovely cookery against the backdrop of equally lovely luxury kitchens, please be sure to drop by the Montpellier Gardens between 12th – 14th June 2015. And, while you’re there, don’t hesitate to pop into our showroom, which is conveniently positioned just across from the Gardens themselves.

Cheltenham food and drink festival

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