Get Ready for Baking: Three Tips for Luxury Kitchens

Well, it’s official: baking fever has swept the country! The first episode of the new series of the ever-popular BBC television programme, the Great British Bake Off, aired last night: and since the familiar theme tune trilled to a close, we’ve been dreaming about the perfect kitchen for baking.

So, whether you’re considering revamping your own space or would like an entirely new bespoke kitchen design, here are some of top tips for preparing your kitchen for baking bliss!

1. Consider your counters.

As much space as possible is welcomed when it comes to baking, so if you can squeeze some extra surface area in, go for it. If not, why not purchase a rolling trolley? This can be handy for storage as well as providing an extra butcher block type surface for chopping and rolling (and can then be tucked away when not needed). Material and height are also important considerations; marble is ideal for baking, as it provides a cool, smooth surface for pastry making. Serious bakers should also give thought to investing in counters of custom heights – one size does not fit all when it comes to rolling out dough!

2. Invest in the right appliances.

Range cookers or double ovens are often considered a necessity for bakers – finished with a warming drawer, if you can find one. Less essential but still handy would be a bottom-freezer refrigerator: plenty of recipes require refrigeration prior to baking, and side by side fridge-freezers often don’t provide the width to accommodate baking pans. And don’t forget to reserve space for a ‘tech’ corner. There are lots of recipes online, along with instructional videos; many modern bakers now include a dedicated space for an iPad stand, television or computer within their kitchens (perhaps close to their vast array of cookbooks, for baking cross-comparison!)

3. Don’t skimp on storage.

Get Ready for Baking: Three Tips for Luxury Kitchens

Courtesy of Emily Carlin

As a baker you will need easy access to various things – recipes can contain many steps and time can also be of the essence. Consider open shelving, pull-out shelves, and storage pegs for easy access to items like mixing bowls, ingredients, pots and pans, and rolling pins.

Get Ready for Baking: Three Tips for Luxury Kitchens

Courtesy of House to Home

We hope that this post has inspired you to roll those sleeves up and get baking! Though do remember, if you’re looking for help to design the culinary kitchen of your dreams, our team aren’t just Bake Off fans – we’re designers and fans of luxury kitchens, first and foremost. Please pop into our showroom or contact us if you’d like to discuss a kitchen project.

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