Farrow & Ball Key 2015 Colours: Tanner’s Brown

Farrow & Ball Key 2015 Colours: Tanner's Brown

Courtesy of Farrow & Ball

For achieving a warm yet sophisticated kitchen look for autumn, there is little that can beat solid wood furniture: whether that means investing in gorgeous oak luxury kitchens with an unvarnished, natural appearance, or injecting a sense of seasonal colour with solid oak frontals painted in one of Farrow & Ball’s finest shades.

This brings us nicely to our last focus feature on Farrow & Ball’s key colours for 2015: Tanner’s Brown. Whilst we have already covered Light Blue, Pink Ground, and Breakfast Room Green, we felt that it was best to save Tanner’s Brown —a rich, smoky shade — until the fall.

Farrow & Ball gesture towards Tanner’s Brown’s aptness for the latter months of the year by explaining that ‘although we are craving lighter, paler tones in 2015, darker tones remain best where natural light is lacking.’ The earthy feel of this brown shade means that it is perfect for creating a sense of drama and contrast: used on walls, it will produce an invitingly smoky feel, whilst if used on doors to contrast with other colours in your design, it will imbue a hint of warmth and make the other colours seem lighter and brighter. Choose autumnal neutrals like Tallow or purple-greys like Brassica for a chic, classic scheme; or mingle with blues (we like Oval Room Blue) and cold greys for a modern look.

If you would like to learn more about the door finishes that we offer, or if you need advice on the best colour schemes for your space, please do pop into our showroom and discuss your kitchen project with one of our expert designers. Kick off the new season in style and create your dream kitchen with us today!

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