Farrow & Ball Key 2015 Colours: Pink Ground and Solid Oak Kitchens

Farrow & Ball Key 2015 Colours

Farrow & Ball

Colour connoisseurs Farrow & Ball recently released their ‘key colours’ for 2015: Pink Ground, Light Blue, Breakfast Room Green, and Tanner’s Brown. The team at Joseph & Kingsley are proud to work with Farrow & Ball – our choice of paint for all oak cabinetry – and as such we devoured this versatile collection with interest!

Pink Ground is the first colour that caught our eye; whilst some may shy away from utilising pink within the home, we think this is a brilliant alternative for those tried-and-tested ‘neutrals’ within solid oak kitchens.

Described by Farrow & Ball as a warm pink that is not ‘sugary or infantile, rather [feeling] more like a diluted plaster colour where walls look almost nude’, we have been impressed by this surprisingly versatile shade. Used alongside equally soft pastels, like the popular duck-egg Pale Powder, Pink Ground creates a subtle, warming glow – an invitingly informal shade that manages to be elegant at the same time. It also pairs well with whites that have red undertones, such as Great White, or stronger colours like Setting Plaster, Charleston Gray, or Vert de Terre.

If you aren’t sure which colour scheme would best suit your home, please feel free to visit our showroom to discuss your project with one of our experienced designers. Our bespoke design service is free-of-charge and will ensure that the experience of developing your design is stress-free and enjoyable – and we are confident that you will be delighted with the finished kitchen!

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