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Design Inspiration: The Artichair Project

As purveyors of fine solid oak cabinetry and wooden worktops, we’re always feeling inspired by nature when it comes to designing our luxury kitchens – and so when we heard of a unique, eco-friendly project being undertaken by designer Spyros Kizis, we had to take a closer look.

Courtesy of Spyros Kizis

The ‘Artichair’ resembles the iconic Eames plastic armchair, which was designed by husband and wife duo Charles and Ray Eames in the later 1940s. One hundred percent recyclable, the chair was composed with flexibility in mind – a clean, simple chair that could fit well into a variety of environments.

Kizis has taken this versatile, environmentally-driven ethos one step further with his Artichair collection. As he puts it, ‘the philosophy for this series is based on the relevance of ‘tangible nature’ and how production using it gives the object its own unique characteristics.’ Each item is made from ‘artichoke thistle fibre reinforced plastic’ – a new, extremely eco-friendly material that has been created by Kizis from a biological resin and Greek artichoke thistle fibres.

The resultant plastic boasts similar properties to fibreglass – which is popular in furniture design as it is highly malleable and lightweight whilst offering good insulation – whilst also being entirely biodegradable.

We can’t help but be amazed by this ingenious new chair, which is both stylish and sustainable – we can’t wait to see what Mr Kizis comes up with next!

Festival Recap: Solid Oak Kitchens on Show!

It’s funny to think that this time last week we were in the process of setting up for the Cheltenham Food Festival – no mean feat when your task includes building one very large (very beautiful) working kitchen set complete with island, plus three smaller bespoke islands! – and now it’s all over.

But what a wonderful weekend it was! Here are some key moments from our festival experience:

The sun shines on the site of the festival on 10th June, 2015 – just two days until kick off! Sadly the weather didn’t stay quite this beautiful for the duration …

Festival Recap: Solid Oak Kitchens on Show!

10th June, pm: did we mention that at this point there were just two days to go?! Lots to do, but our hard-working team never fails.

Festival Recap: Solid Oak Kitchens on Show!

11th June: we’re still a way off what we had in mind for the main set – but will the finished set live up to our hopes?

Festival Recap: Solid Oak Kitchens on Show!

12th June, am: the morning of the Festival, and our team’s work is done. Yes, the finished set will do nicely, thank you very much!

Festival Recap: Solid Oak Kitchens on Show!

12th June, am: all ready for cooking now – we had better find some chefs!

Festival Recap: Solid Oak Kitchens on Show!

12th June, am: our lovely bespoke islands, bedecked with treats for our visitors. Including…

Festival Recap: Solid Oak Kitchens on Show!

…these rather gorgeous cupcakes. Yum.

Festival Recap: Solid Oak Kitchens on Show!

12th June, pm: visitors flock to the Joseph & Kingsley sponsored ‘Kitchen Theatre’ (also known as the ‘Chef’s Kitchen’) tent to indulge in some top-notch cookery demonstrations. A number of chefs cooked over the weekend, including Stefan Gates and Jean-Christophe Novelli.

Festival Recap: Solid Oak Kitchens on Show!

12th June, pm: a chef from Beronia Txoko enjoys cooking within one of our solid oak kitchens as much as we enjoy watching her!

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the organisers of the festival, all the chefs that cooked within the Kitchen Theatre, and of course all the visitors who showed us their support – it was a fabulous weekend and we were thrilled to be a part of it.

Sadly our festival kitchen displays have now been dismantled, but if you’re hungry for more, please pop into our Cheltenham showroom – we’re just across the road from the Montpellier Gardens. Alternatively, if you happen to be near Swindon on the 27th-28th June, we’re delighted to be sponsoring the Chef’s Kitchen at the Swindon Food and Drink Festival too, so do come on down!

Enjoy our Bespoke Kitchen Designs at the Cheltenham Food Festival This Weekend!

It’s Thursday 11th June and there’s a buzz of excitement in the Joseph & Kingsley Cheltenham showroom; because, just over the road from us, our team are busy at work assembling a range of bespoke kitchen designs that our designers have been poring over for months.

‘Why are they doing that?’, we hear you cry. Our answer is thus: it’s time for the annual Cheltenham Food Festival, that’s why, and Joseph & Kingsley are thrilled to be sponsoring the famous Kitchen Theatre this year!

From Friday 12th June until Sunday 14th, food fans and keen cooks alike will flock to Cheltenham’s beautiful Montpellier Gardens to enjoy a real celebration of gastronomy: from stalls to marquees to cooking demos by famous chefs (Michelin stars and all!), there is something on offer to suit every taste.

The live Chef’s Kitchen that we spoke of – in which a variety of chefs will cook all through the day, teaching recipes and dishing up new creations for their audiences – has been lovingly created by the Joseph & Kingsley team this year: and our sneak peek of the drawings plus the build so far (pictured) have left us in a state of excited anticipation. We’re certain that our kitchens are going to look beautiful!

So if you are heading to Cheltenham for the Food Festival, please visit us in the Kitchen Theatre – there will be fantastic demos from 12 noon on Friday, 11am on Saturday and 10:30am on Sunday. Our friendly team will also be on hand with a few goodies. Hope to see you there!

Design Inspiration: Range Cookers

Whether you are a keen chef or simply wish to invest in a cooker that caters for every occasion whilst looking stylish, a range cooker should be a strong consideration for any kitchen.

Of all range cookers, the AGA design is probably the most recognisable: a familiar and luxurious cooker that has come to symbolise the essence of a country kitchen. AGA have developed their range considerably over the years; their ovens now feature many functions and encompass a range of styles, from traditional aesthetics to the more modern.

Design Inspiration: Range Cookers

Courtesy of House to Home

However, if you wish to try something a little different, providers like Mercury and Falcon have some stunning designs to offer. We have a soft spot for the Mercury range with induction hob that is featured in our Cheltenham showroom (which comes in an array of fabulous colours, including eye-catching purple!) but there are many possibilities for luxury kitchens.

Opting for a range cooker creates a wonderful focal point for your kitchen design, and can either act as a striking contrast (a cherry red range cooker within a white and grey scheme, for example, as pictured) or can tie into your overall scheme as a charming, homely feature.