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Design Inspiration: Driftwood

The end of winter approaches: and while it might still seem a little early to start thinking about the beach, a new trend that is gaining momentum in interiors allows us to dream of the sea from the comfort of our own homes…

The use of driftwood has been common in solid oak kitchens and beach houses for years; but this design element has taken on new meaning, and now represents a movement in itself rather than a mere material.

As such, designers are playing with ways to create a relaxed, airy, ‘driftwood’ look rather than simply using the material. Schemes typically include elements of rustic, unpainted wood – a driftwood mantel, perhaps, or oak beams and flooring – with grey or blue painted cabinets, wooden worktops and ‘shabby chic’ or nautical accessories.

A little can go a long way when trying to create a ‘driftwood’ feel: even a simple dining table or a statement chair can be enough to introduce that inviting, airy atmosphere for which the movement is known. Have fun!

Kitchen with driftwood style cabinets

courtesy of tropichomeandfamily

A driftwood kitchen island

courtesy of onekindesign

driftwood ornaments

courtesy of rightmove

Pale Driftwood Finishes

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Two of the Best Bespoke Kitchen Designs: In-Frame

If you are looking for a sleek kitchen with all the charms of solid oak, our ‘In-Frame’ bespoke kitchen designs might be the perfect solution.

Featuring solid oak frontals in a number of finishes (sanded, lacquered, or hand finished in superb Farrow & Ball paint), oak cabinetry and plenty of bespoke additions to reflect the character of your home, our In-Frame kitchens are full of modern flair. These kitchens take their name from the unique composition of the door, which boasts a ‘visual’ frame that is part of the door itself, creating a flawless, fluid appearance – but each individual room design is entirely unique.

Below are two of our favourite schemes; one from our ‘Inspirations’ collection, and one case study:

Kitchen Inspiration: Haze

Kitchen Inspiration: Haze

Statement In-Frame frontals finished in pale grey, black accents and hints of cool purple combine in this impressive, contemporary kitchen. The luxuriously dark hues of our super stave wenge worktops complete the look perfectly, as do ornate finishing touches like a custom-made mantle and solid timber upstand.

Kitchen Case Study: Hatherley Cheltenham House

Kitchen Case Study: Hatherley Cheltenham House

A flexible design with plenty of flair, composed carefully to facilitate both dining and food preparation. Here, the In-Frame construction creates a sense of neatness and flow; and, when coupled with warm super stave Prime Oak worktops and the soothing tones of Farrow & Ball’s New White, produces an inviting, homely atmosphere. A kitchen that is as stylish as it is welcoming.

For more insight into our In-Frame kitchens, please do not hesitate to consult the dedicated page; alternatively, please contact us to request a brochure.

Design Inspiration: Go Indigo

We’ve been carefully reviewing the latest trends to ensure that our luxury kitchens are always contemporary yet chic, and we have to say one thing: we have certainly got a case of the blues… the navy blues!

Dark, rich blues are so versatile, and can provide a perfect accent to white granite or porcelain, offering the sleek monochrome feel of a black and white scheme but with a softer finish. But that’s not the only design to consider when incorporating indigo: it works fantastically well with other colours, too, from pale rose to industrial grey. Sasha Emerson, an American designer, agrees with us, saying: ‘[Indigo] plays so well with other colours, such as pink, cream, gray, coral and sage.’

If you’d like to introduce deep tones into your kitchen but feel that indigo may be too bold, why not go for a softer navy shade: we adore Farrow & Ball’s Hague Blue, and feel it works particularly well when used for tall units or dressers. Our Royal Inspiration is a useful point of reference – a gorgeous design if we do say so ourselves!

Royal Blue Kitchen Doors Finished in Farrow & Ball's Hague Blue
Indigo Dining Room

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Indigo Kitchen

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Indigo Foot Stool

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View Our Brochure Online – Inspiration for Solid Oak Kitchens, Case Studies, and More

Joseph & Kingsley Online Brochure

Since Joseph & Kingsley opened its doors in 2013, we have been proud to work on a number of fantastic solid oak kitchens whilst continually honing our service and product offering.

Our most recent brochure, entitled ‘Joseph & Kingsley: Fine English Kitchens’, gives greater insight into our expansive approach to kitchen design. This literature outlines our fantastic, free-of-charge bespoke design service and gives details of our three main kitchen ‘styles’– Cotswold, Chatham and In-Frame. If you are looking for inspiration for your own kitchen project, we have also incorporated a section within the brochure that focuses on our recent work: this includes a stunning array of photography featuring completed kitchens within our customers’ homes.

We are confident that this brochure will be of great value to anyone who is about to embark on their kitchen journey, and hope you will be able to make use of it: as such, we have now made the brochure fully available to view online. Alternatively, if you would prefer to browse a hard copy, please pop into our Cheltenham showroom or contact us to order yours today!