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Three of the Best: Chatham Luxury Kitchens

The ‘Chatham’ kitchen, an elegant design that references the simple Shaker movement, has proved to be one of our most popular options.

These luxury kitchens are characterised by the versatile yet refined solid oak Chatham frontal with its delicate lines, but can be customised to incorporate a variety of design combinations and colours. Please read on for a brief discussion of some of our favoured Chatham looks:

1. Case Study: Solid Oak Kitchen, Westbury on Severn

A stunning kitchen that paired Chatham frontals painted in Farrow & Ball’s White Tie against black granite worktops, creating a modern, sleek look. Stainless steel accents and cutting-edge appliances provided the perfect finishing touch.

Case Study: Solid Oak Kitchen, Westbury on Severn

2. Kitchen Inspiration: Cornsilk

One of our lauded ‘design’ inspirations, this kitchen is both spacious and soothing. An inviting combination of oak’s golden warmth and Farrow & Ball’s serene Lime White shade. Ideal for kitchens of any size, with plenty of potential for hidden storage.

Kitchen Inspiration: Cornsilk

3. Case Study: Traditional Kitchen Design, Lechlade.

This farmhouse style kitchen invoked a contemporary twist by featuring Chatham frontals in two different Farrow & Ball colours: Clunch, a welcoming off-white shade, and a statement island in the earthy green tones of Vert de Terre. Quaint pewter handles and super stave Prime Oak worktops completed the homely aesthetic.

Case Study: Traditional Kitchen Design, Lechlade.

If you are feeling inspired by these beautiful kitchens and are considering the Chatham style for your own home, please do not hesitate to visit our showroom in Cheltenham. We have a variety of kitchens on display and our knowledgeable, friendly staff would be happy to discuss your requirements in detail.

Design Inspiration: Hair on Hides

Earthy looks are always popular and seem oddly fitting once the autumnal weather begins to take hold. If you’re looking for a simple way to give your existing look a natural yet striking twist that is perfectly in tune with this season, consider hair on hide rugs or upholstery.

Hides display the beauty of organic animal hair and have a charming vintage appearance. They are also intrinsically unique: Colour varies from hide to hide and each piece displays the character of the individual animal. Some designers even allow you to choose pieces that are clad in summer hair (shorter) or winter hair (longer and more lustrous).

If purchasing a rug, be sure to look for softness and sheen – that way you’ll be able to assess the quality. Don’t be put off by natural markings or even hair loss, that simply means that the hide is real; and spots and other features add to the overall character of the piece. And don’t forget, rugs aren’t the only way by which to incorporate hide within solid oak kitchens; throws, upholstered kitchen stools and even hide-covered pillows are great ways of introducing this fashionable look.

Hair on hide elle

courtesy of elle

Hair on hide made by girl

courtesy of made by girl

Hair on hide arhause

courtesy of arhause

Hair on hide house of fifty

courtesy of house of fifty

Share your favourite traditional kitchen designs with us

The Joseph & Kingsley team are always delighted to hear from our customers, and so we welcome you to connect with us on social media.

Our Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus pages are regularly updated, and our collection of Pinterest boards is growing rapidly! From selections of beautiful kitchen images featuring our own furniture to ‘Design Inspiration’ anthologies based on our popular blog series (our Clean Lines board has recently been added), there are plenty of boards to peruse in advance of planning your own kitchen.

So, if you do see anything that you find inspiring – be it on our own accounts or another – please do share it with us! We’d love to know what interior images resonate most with you and what colours and materials are exciting you as we head into the autumn; whether these are traditional kitchen designs or more modern schemes. And, of course, if you’d like to send us any pictures of your own kitchen, we’d love to see those too!

Share your favourite traditional kitchen designs with us

Design Inspiration: Autumnal Accents

When wet weather dominates, it’s easy to forget the fiery and dramatic swirls of colour that autumn is known for – and it’s those aspects that many interiors will seek to emulate this season.

In an homage to the best elements of the natural world (with a deliberate disregard for the grey and damp!), designers are recommending an incorporation of autumnal accents. Opt for versatile colours and contrasting schemes, with key pieces of furniture – an island or armchair, for example – upholstered or painted in rusty oranges, vibrant reds, or intense chocolate shades. Feature walls are also increasingly popular and worth consideration.

Finally, there is a growing appreciation for ‘window sheers’; such coverings provide a bright, fresh look. A transparent curtain or blind will allow a beautiful view of the outside world to become an integral part of your internal décor.

An Autumn view

courtesy of
Alice Dalton Brown

Statement chair and wall

courtesy of

Autumn leaves

courtesy of

Autumn living room

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